Tailored to your needs bespoke solutions company t Veer

't Veer

't Veer: 'tailored to your needs'


't Veer is a bespoke solutions company in Menen (Belgium) which relies on its remarkable staff to deliver projects tailored to your needs and within the set deadlines.
We were founded in 1984 and number 600 employees today.

For which domains?

  • Recycling and sorting
  • Clothing and textiles
  • Metalwork
  • Woodwork
  • Handling
  • Assembly and mounting
  • Samples and displays
  • Clean & Co – cleaning
  • Collaborator teams – teams which work within your company

Other initiatives of 't Veer:


't Veer

Why working together with 't Veer?

People, machines and organisation

You need to carry out a service which isn't one of your core activities?
't Veer is ready to assist with its people, machines and organisation. 


We know how to get things done

  • excellent work tailored to the nature of your assignment
  • an impressive infrastructure, which we constantly improve and adjust
  • respect for the people who undertake your assignment with passion


The best of both worlds

You contribute to our social goal:
giving assignments to all our employees.
We also guarantee you top quality, plus honest and competitive prices, which speak for themselves.

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